WORKSPACE NEWS | 08.05.2024

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What is the Difference Between a Cat A and Cat B Fit Out?

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Fun Promises Won’t Get Your Employees Back To The Office

Time to swap out the company ping pong table for more perks like soudproof offices and fitness spaces.

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City-Sized Buildings Are On The Way

How will THE LINE change the future of work?

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Fast-Growing Trends In 2022

Emerging workplace trends to expect in 2022 and beyond.

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Your hybrid workplace needs ambient music

There’s a lot of dead air in post-pandemic offices.

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Science confirms it: Open offices are a nightmare

Your open-plan workplace is making you sweat. Literally.

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5 ways the future office must change,…

93% of global companies indicate that they plan to permanently change remote work.

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Where will people live and work post-pandemic?

A new report suggests that there will not be a mass exodus of companies from urban cores.

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Кейс: формулируем позиционирование …

Как команда «Секретного Агентства» провела ребрендинг самого большого коворкинга в Санкт-Петербурге.