WORKSPACE NEWS | 13.04.2021

Architects Share Visions of the Workspace’s Future

The pandemic’s impact and the changes that are likely to persist.

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How art can have a transformative effect on your …

Being in the presence of art, particularly fine artworks, has been shown to benefit workers by doing everything from reducing stress ...

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Satellite Offices

There are many benefits of a satellite office for small businesses looking to expand. Find out how this choice can benefit you.

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The Future of Remote Work is the Opposite of Lonely

That’s what most of us crave, in some capacity: the ability to mold our work around our lives, not our lives around our work.

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Supporting women in the workplace through …

A number of other things that workplace operators can consider to create more inclusive and supportive spaces for women.

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The Post-Crisis Workplace Is Hybrid.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 8.4 percent of people in the US worked from home full or part-time, and in the post-crisis future, that figure ...

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12 plants to compliment every workspace style

For flexible workspace and coworking operators that have invested heavily in the interior design and feel of their spaces, the ...

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Coworking is the new normal, and these stats prove it

Statistics from 2020-2021 show that coworking is expected to bounce back post-pandemic.

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Что ждет офисы в 2021

Офис превращается в место, где происходит посвящение, где решаются основные вопросы, где принимаются решения и ...