MAIB Building I

Office Premises

127, 31 August 1989 street

Liviu Ostaci


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The premises offered for rent in the new MAIB building are by far the most expensive offices in Chisinau. But before you say it’s overpriced, let’s remember the saying: you get what you pay for. Due to a combination of factors, not a single building in the city can offer the same that is offered in the new MAIB project, and in my opinion, the price is formed fairly. Here’s what you get for 22 euros per sq.m. in the best office building in the city:
– Office near the park in the ultracenter of the city
– Offices with an exclusive design developed by a renowned architectural firm
– Office with raised floors that give you maximum flexibility in zoning
– Offices with ceilings of 3.5 meters high
– Offices in a building with a conference hall for up to 300 people, a gym of 400 m, an inexpensive and a quiet good cafeteria for tenants and bank employees, and a cafe with fresh pastries and good coffee.
And finally – only the tenants of this floor will have at their disposal a large roof-top terrace.